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Welcome to Hengelo!

This page contains information about practical matters, such as applying for a passport or providing notification of a relocation. Do you have any other questions? Then contact us.

There are various ways to contact the municipality of Hengelo.

Telephone us

  • From the Netherlands: 14 074  
  • From abroad :+31 74 245 9876

Complete a contact form (Dutch-language form)

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Whether you change your address within Hengelo or you have relocated from another city to live here, you must report your new address to us.

You must report a change of address to the municipality if you relocate. If you will be settling in Hengelo, you must indicate your change of address here. Should you relocate to another municipality, you will have to register there. In that case, de-registering with your former municipality of residence will be automatic.

When you relocate to or within Hengelo, you may use this form to communicate your change of address online. This does, however, require your DigiD. (the page is in Dutch)

Digital form (in Dutch)

Are you unable to communicate your change of address online or by post? If so, schedule an appointment to communicate your change of address in person at the counter in Publieksplein. Be sure to bring valid proof of identity with you.

Telephone us

Relocating abroad

If you will be relocating abroad, you must report this to the Civil Affairs Department (afdeling Burgerzaken). You may do this as early as five days prior to your departure. But you may not report your relocation earlier than this.  

Settling from abroad

If you are relocating to live in the Netherlands, you will need to register with the relevant municipality. You must do this person at the counter of the Publieksplein within five days of your arrival. This will entail a first-time registration in the Netherlands if you have never lived here or if you emigrated prior to 1 October 1994. If you also wish to register your family members to live in the Netherlands, they must accompany you to the Publieksplein.

Before visiting us, you can schedule your appointment by telephone.

Telephone us

Do you live in Hengelo and do you have Dutch nationality and would you like to apply for a passport or identity card? Then you can do so at the counter on the 'Publieksplein' in the town hall. However, you must apply for and collect it in person. Schedule an appointment to do this.

Schedule an appointment online (form is in Dutch)

Telephone us


Please bring the following with you to the appointment:

  • All of the travel documents that you possess.
  • A recent colour passport photo that is a good likeness of you.
  • Cash or your debit card. You must pay for the relevant document upon request.

An overview of the costs (page in Dutch)

Do you have questions about travel documents for foreigners or refugees? If so, then contact us.

Everyone who is registered in the Dutch Population Register (Basisregistratie Personen, BRP) is assigned a unique and personal citizen service number (citizen service number). This happens at birth or when you settle in the Netherlands. You will need your citizen service number when communicating with the government. You will find your personal number on your passport, driving license or ID card.

Do you need a citizen service number or do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us.

A BRP extract serves as proof that you are registered in the Dutch Population Register (BRP). It is an official document that contains your personal data. Authorities sometimes request an extract from the civil registry to verify your personal data. You may request this extract from the municipality in which you reside.

An extract from the BRP register costs € 17,70.

Attention: If you request a BRP extract directly at the counter rather than online, you will pay € 27,70.

Telephone us

Are you looking for employment? If so, register with and contact Werkplein Twente as soon as possible.

Looking for employment in the Netherlands

Werkplein Twente – Hengelo location
Gieterij 200 7553 VZ Hengelo
Telephone: +31 (0)88 898 92 94

You must have a BSN number in order to work in the Netherlands.

If you would like to rent a property in Hengelo, you have a range of options. You can rent housing through the housing corporations Welbions or Twinta Wonen. Alternatively, you may search for a rental through an estate agent or a private individual. The various providers are happy to provide you with additional information. For example, information concerning income requirements and the housing supply on offer. This will allow you to quickly discover which provider suits you best.

Website Welbions

Website Twinta

Home to 81,000 residents, Hengelo is a city in the heart of Twente that feels like a village. Due to its human dimensions and numerous amenities, Hengelo is a pleasant residential city nestled within an attractive, green environment.

Besides the city of Hengelo, the municipality also includes the Beckum and Oele cores. The hamlet of Woolde, which borders the built-up area of Hengelo, is also part of the municipality.

Hengelo is the fourth largest city in Overijssel, after Enschede, Zwolle and Deventer. After Enschede, Hengelo is the largest city in Twente. 

Hengelo is a true 'events city'. The 'Nacht van Hengelo' (Night of Hengelo), the BAM festival, the Lambertus funfair, AmuSing Hengelo ... and we could continue!

Outside of the events, however, there is no reason for you to be bored in Hengelo. Our city has something for everyone no matter the time of day. For instance, Hengelo has a rich and complete range of cultural facilities. The beautiful Schouwburg Hengelo (a theatre) has both a diverse programme of entertainment and an ever-increasing number of visitors.

And Oyfo brings out the creativity in young and old alike. Located just south of the city centre, Oyfo offers ample space and opportunities for learning experiences involving art and technology, but also music, dance, theatre and visual art.

Poppodium Metropool offers an alternative culture programme for connoisseurs. Hengelo's denizens cherish the Hengelo Museum.

But we also have exhibitions, an indoor playground, a lovely Twentebad swimming pool, a cinema ... Prefer to commune with nature? Discover the walking and cycling routes of Hengelo Promotie. Explore the most beautiful garden village in the Netherlands, go for a stroll through the city or experience the great outdoors in beautiful Beckum and Oele!

Hengelo also has plentiful options for a tasty snack or drink.

For an up-to-date overview of 'what to see and do' in Hengelo, visit:

Hengelo Promotie


The port to Europe

Thanks to its central location, Hengelo is an excellent site for local, regional, national and international companies.

The city of Hengelo has long had an international orientation. Mainly due to its location close to the German border and its function as a transport hub for Twente: by rail, but also by road or water.

International and robust region

With a population of 81,000, Hengelo stands at 41 on the list of the largest municipalities in the Netherlands. Approximately 5,000 Hengelo-based companies provide more than 46,000 jobs. Thanks to its central location, Hengelo is an excellent base for local, regional, national and international companies. The WTC Twente is located in Hengelo, at Twente Central Station. Hengelo houses large internationally operating companies such as Stork Thermeq, Thales Nederland and Eaton. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Hengelo are also doing rather well. Through their ongoing focus on innovation, quality and safety and their involvement with each other and the environment, they ensure sustainable connections and strong partnerships.

WTC Twente

The World Trade Center in Twente is the region's contact point for international business. The WTC Twente Business Club is the platform for exchanging vital knowledge and experience about international business. The various services such as trade information, training, coaching, economic missions and the Expat Center further support the entrepreneur's international ambitions.

Website WTC Twente


The municipality of Hengelo has maintained intensive contacts with the city of Emsdetten for many years. The cities have had an official sister-city partnership since 1991. Exchanges in the fields of sport, education and culture are an important supplementary activity.

Gemeente Hengelo
Zoek Sluit